We promise that your plants will reach you lively and thriving. If they don’t? We’ve got you covered with our 30-Day Plantgems Assurance. It's common for plants to experience slight stress post-shipment, but if their condition is more than just a few small imperfections*, let us know within the initial 30 days. We’ll provide a complimentary replacement.

This promise holds true for both online and physical store purchases within those first 30 days. To refine our packaging, we do ask for photographic evidence of any harm. If you've ordered online and prefer in-person assistance, feel free to visit any of our locations for a swap. Keep in mind, each store's inventory varies, so a quick call ahead can ensure your desired plant is in stock.

*Note: It's a usual occurrence for plants to exhibit slight distress signs post-shipping. To rejuvenate your plant from its journey, consider trimming any shipping-induced damage like bent stems or discolored leaves. This care allows your plant to redirect its energy towards fresh, robust growth. Need guidance on plant care? Check our additional resources or contact us.